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October 18 - CMVC Meeting - TBA

October 22 - CVMC Rally - TBA

Here's a link to our CVMC members Facebook page...

CVMC Facebook

9/16/22: Members: 83 | Cars: 55

Welcome to the CVMC!

The Central Virginia Miata Club (CVMC) is an active group of Miata owners and enthusiasts who share the common bond of love for the Miata and the Zoom, Zoom, Zoom experience.

Founded on September 10, 1991 by George E. Ferrell, Midlothian, Virginia, the club provides opportunities to form and maintain friendships, exchange information about Miatas, to discuss other related issues and best of all, participate in rallies and events.

We welcome visitors and invite any Miata owner to become a member of the CVMC.

Bud Deihl, CVMC President






the cvmc Scavenger Hunt - download the "hunt" today!

Are you bored?  Got cabin fever?  Do you call yourself a road warrior?  Do you wish there were more rallies than the 9 or 10 per year we currently have? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is for you: The Central Virginia Miata Club 2022 Scavenger Hunt!

The clues are provide in this PDF file. Just download and print a copy for your hunt! The missing pieces and any red text should be enough to use Google to find the actual address. Search terms may not be in order. You are responsible for your own directions getting to these destinations. This is a great opportunity to explore back roads and maybe find new rally routes! All locations are in Virginia. If you cross state lines, you’re not following the car behind you!


  1. You must supply a picture proving you were at the objective locations. If you get your Miata in the picture, you get 5 bonus points. The pics you submit may be used on our Facebook or CVMC website. Pics can be emailed to KSL2112@yahoo.com.
  2. We strongly encourage you to complete this in your Miata. This will be on the honor system.
  3. All pics must be submitted by midnight on October 31, 2022.
  4. If you are stuck and need a clue, text us. (Keith: 860-992-5077; Dee: 804-307-8316)
  5. Drive safely and have fun!




















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