2010 Meeting Highlights

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CVMC Meeting —March 16, 2010

Thanks to Fred and Margaret Walder for arranging our meeting location at the Olive Garden on Midlothian Turnpike. We had a nice enclosed space and enjoyed good food and conversation.

Attendance — We had 18 members present and were visited by Sally Farrar and Michael Hutcheson.


March 20 Rally — Fred Walder discussed the rally plan for Saturday, March 20, 2010.

Need volunteers for Meetings and Rallies

  • Need meeting hosts for May, June and the Christmas party
  • Need rally hosts for April and May

July 24 Rally, CVMS Picnic — Christi Connell has volunteered to arrange a shelter at Rockahock Campground.

New Web site — Thanks to Susan Deihl for redesigning the CVMC Web site. New host: 1and1, URL: http://centralvirginiamiataclub.net. Messages have been left for Scott Ferrell to redirect our old Web site to the new location. Google has indexed our new site. Note that any search for CVMC will point to the old site until Scott performs the requested action.

Business Cards — Susan Deihl has designed new business cards. They will be printed and available at the next meeting.

Nominating Committee — Mike Beckwith has volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee and Ron Marchand has agreed to serve on the committee. I would like one more person to volunteer.

New Bank Account — Christi Connell has established a new account and Bud Deihl has access to funds in case of emergency. As officers change, this access will move to the new officers.

New Post Box Address — Central Virginia Miata Club, P. O. Box 5553, Midlothian, Virginia 23112

Membership Role Reviewed — Now that we have a new P.O. Box and bank account, members who have not yet paid their dues for 2010 will be contacted to renew their membership.

Membership form was reviewed to see if we need all the information currently on the form, such as VIN#. We decided to leave it as is, with the exception of making checks payable to Christi Connell, CVMC.

I will contact Miata, Miata Dealers, Miata Clubs with update on CVMC news and request that they update their links to our Web site. I’ve also drafted a letter for dealers to share with new Miata MX-5 owners, which makes them aware of our club and extends an invitation to visit/join.

I hope to see all of you at the rally and upcoming events.

All the best,

Bud Deihl
President, CVMC


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